TONN Headquarters

Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


Description: Located in the middle of a forest somewhere in the state of Missouri, the headquarters of That Other News Network is a broadcast facility like no other. In addition to filming studios, sound stages, etc, that you would find at a typical TV station, it has communications arrays capable of receiving any channel broadcast anywhere, and can transmit to Earth orbit and beyond. TONN HQ was, but isn't any longer, the base for a private army -- the TONNGuards. This well-equipped force was almost obliterated in battle with the Invid, and the survivors were laid off or shifted to other jobs afterwards. It also houses sizable Research & Development labs, mostly unused now that TONN can no longer pay the scientists' wages. Deep under the complex is a pseudo-AI known as the Archivist, whose purpose is to accumulate and record data on all subjects listed as useful for TONN's now-outdated plot for world domination. Now that TONN has failed, the Archivist's purpose is no longer valid, but the few teams of maintenence men sent down to turn it off dissappeared without a trace. The Archivist is hooked up to a massive, underground warehouse containing various artifacts and stuff it has collected.

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