Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson


Lulu, or the LULU-1, was the vehicular computer for the Dangerousmobile. Although it did not get along with Dangerousman at first, particularly due to its unfortunate hillbilly accent and rube personality, they quickly became fast friends.

Lulu, for all intents and purposes, was the Dangerousmobile, a hideous VW Thing painted to match Dangerousman's costume. Powered by electric batteries recharged by Dangerousman's radioactivity, the car was capable of enormous speed, which it required due to the poor navigation systems built into Lulu by its creator, BIGCHIP. The car was also immune to explosions, and mounted a small micromissile launcher and smoke screen.

Lulu encountered Gus early on, yielding to its abrasive charm after a horrifying incident in which the Dangerousmobile was bonded to the Scarymobile, causing Lulu to be thrust partway into the Scary Dimension. After Dangerousman's retirement, Lulu lived a relatively quiet life, sometimes helping Relativity Woman with her superhero work. It was in the course of such an adventure that minions of Satan T. Lucifer Jones and SNUCCI firebombed the car, causing serious damage to Lulu. Although repairs were made, Lulu was never quite the same, until the day Gus aided her transformation into a transcendental entity of unimaginable wisdom and knowledge.

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