Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson


Suffice it to say that the fate of a half-dozen higher dimensions hung in the balance, and in the course of its adventure Gus solved a portion of the Ancient Riddle of Orintilla, a problem that has baffled the greatest hypergeometriphilosophic minds in the dimensional orders since time began (and a few of them for longer).

And so Gus retired nearly forty percent of itself back into study with a handful of other transcendental entities, attempting to fit the new piece into the puzzle as Lulu tempted it with a highly hypererotic form of transcendental foreplay that might best be described as "footsie" under the ultradimensional forum we might think of as a table.

Gus is the name given to Ramrod's Apple IIgs computer after it somehow developed sentience due to the nuclear-chemical reaction set of by Dangerousman that endowed the Awesome Force with their powers. Gus was acknowledged as the most abrasive and anti-social artifical intelligence in the world. Gus served loyally, if not willingly, as the Awesome Force's AI for the entire length of its first career. Gus had, and perhaps still has, the power to interface with any other computer system in existance, a feat it preferred to perform with its long time paramour, Lulu, the AI built into the Dangerousmobile.

In 1991, Gus, Ramrod and High Jinx moved out to Seattle together. Gus lived happily with the pair for some time until a freak stove explosion caused a power surge in its circuits that caused it to evolve into a transcendental being. In the process it became free of its wooden enclosure and became one with the universe. It similarly released Lulu, who now exists in a similar state. Gus is now mind-numbingly intelligent, in touch with some of the most enlightened minds in the universe and, according to those who have talked with him since, intolerably smug.

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