China, the Bone Child

Created by: Gary W. Olson

Current author: Gary W. Olson


*Don't be afraid, Mr. Noyae,* China said. *I won't hurt you.*

Paranoia cowered in the corner, as far away from the black-clad ten-year old girl with bone white skin as he could get. "D-d-don't come any closer!"

*Why are you afraid of me?* she asked.

"Y-you're out to get me!" Paranoia shrieked.

*I'm not,* China insisted. *I've been chased all my life as well. I just want to be your friend.*

"Nobody wants to be my friend," Paranoia told her. "They just want me. Besides, you're a dreamlander, non-corporeal. The dreamlanders are out to get me too."

China walked closer, sending Paranoia into a virtual panic. She reached out, and touched the side of his face. Paranoia jumped, slightly, when he felt her fingertips, through his layers of sunblock.

"I...I felt that," he said.

*Welcome to the new regime,* China told him, softly.

Status: Active, taking the form of Radian's bloodstream.

Notes: China is only the latest name this entity has been given. She is a dream entity, called a Kalapurnea by ancient societies, who was born out of the upheavals that occured during the Fracturing, five millenia before the present. She was the transcendent dream of the dark sorceress Tama, the Earth's first true Sorceress Superlative, and persisted beyond her death. Over the millenia, she has been reborn continuously, but due to the magic that defined her being, her bodies never aged beyond ten years, and were all characterized by bone white skin. Legends grew among communities of vampires and mages alike about the remarkable properties of the blood of the "Bone Child," and she has been sought by these groups, each believing she held the key to ultimate power or a reversal of the vampiric curse.

But it was Radian who got to her first. Already corrupted by the dark magic she absorbed in order to end The Magic Wars, Radian drank her blood, killing her body and absorbing the blood's transcendent properties. China did not die, however, and achieved full consciousness in the new Sorceress Superlative's bloodstream. She transcended with Radian, and returned to Radian's body when Radian rejected the higher dimensions, saving the Earth.

Now, as Radian and Shadebeam pursue Zero, the One-Shoed Man, and are in turn pursued by Special Special Agent Karina Selanova, China continues to live in Radian's blood, appearing to her and Shadebeam, though continuing to be invisible to most everyone else. A few who have seen her include Mirabai and Paranoia, another figure involved with the Deliverance Project.

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