Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson

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BIGCHIP (Beam-Integrated Gigasmart Computer Housed In Pork) was a top-secret government superdupercomputer installed in the Smoky Mountain Lab that was assigned to the Danger Project that created Dangerousman. BIGCHIP was a computer of awesome power; it was running the entire complex, taking voice commands, and responding with a speech synthesizer as early as the late 1950's, and was constantly upgraded until the destruction of the Project in 1989 by Gus and members of the Awesome Force.

BIGCHIP was the primary tool used by Drs. Kilohertzmunn and Unethical in the design and creation of Dangerousman. It was solely responsible for the design and construction of both Dr. Kilohertzmunn's car and the Dangerousmobile, and probably many other high-tech devices.

There was apparently one flaw in BIGCHIP's design or programming, however: it was a closet shunpiker, meaning that unbeknownst to anybody, it was always more inclined to take the scenic route than the efficient route. The sad result was that, whenever Lulu attempted to navigate the Dangerousmobile, the resulting travel distance was often several times the distance that was strictly necessary.

Although the laboratory and Project were shut down, the final fate of BIGCHIP is unknown.

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