Created by: Roger Christman

Email: christma@cse.psu.edu

"How honored you must both feel! To be possessed by another fictional character!"

"I am not fictional!" the two men shouted in unison. They looked at each other with some surprise.

"Of course you're fictional," said Jill. "We all are -- you know that! Now, you said there was still one more of these packets? I think that would be fun to read."

"You actually *want* to read it?" Frankie asked.

"Yeah! I think it would be quite an experience."

"But it's addressed to Mary. Isn't it hers?"

"Well, both of your packets were for Mr. Jackson..."

"What difference does that make?"

"Obviously, since you two read those packets, it's only natural that the Author wants me to read the third one!"
"You think you know what this Author of yours is up to?"
"Well, .. no.. Authors can be very mysterious sometimes. But they *are* omnipotent. Your reading those packets was certainly no accident."

Series: D.O.G.M.A. at this time only appears in the Jackson Six series.

Status: Active.

Description: The Didactic Order for the Glory of the Mysterious Authors was founded to promulgate the belief that all of the odd things that occur in 000SUPERGUY are at the whim of Authors. Nobody knows for sure where these people got these radical ideas, but some speculate a connection to Dan Rossi's attempt to found the Church of No Coincidence. On the other hand, no chapters of this order have been reported anywhere outside of the Reno area.

Needless to say, this group is taken as seriously as the Flat Earthers, yet they continue to schedule periodic 'Author Appreciation Days', in hopes that the omnipotent will look upon them with favor. After all, one can't lose if the Author is on his side, right?

In recent years, the organization underwent a slight name change, to "The Dialectic Order, etc". This was motivated by chapter vice-president Horace Beasley, a former lawyer skilled in forensic debate, in the belief that the truth would be spread more effectively through discourse with non-believers.

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