The Non-Biodegradable Trashman

Created by:Eric, Lord Sabre

Current Author:Eric, Lord Sabre


Appears in: Adventures of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable

"Overall Threat Assessment Beta Class, though powers and skills are Delta Class at best. Trashman's abnormally high rating comes both from the degree of influence he holds within the Superheroic Community and from his position as Leader of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable. Despite his being licensed to operate within Continental United States Borders under Article 114 of Exective Order 11441-B, almost nothing is known about Trashman. Agents who find themselves in contact with Trashman are advised to never, under any circumstances, to underestimate him. Trashman has opposed the goals of the Bureau on many occasions...."

Mega-Intellegence Bureau Assessment

"...working with Trashman is, well, kind of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, I don't think there are three people on the planet I respect more than him. At the same time, he gives me the creeps something fierce. It's like he can't -- or won't -- relax. He's always pushing. He's always judging. He's always watching and he never, ever cuts you slack. But at the same time I'd follow him into battle against Doomsdude without thinking twice...."

Private Correspondance, Mike Green to Bill Paul

"Ah, Trashman. Dear old sick, stodgy Trashman. Probably the only reason the Adjusted League Unimpeachable has survived as long as it has. A man whose threat is only exceeded by the depth of the insect up his posterior. He is the one man I can truly say I fear, because he is the one man who defies prediction. This may seem contridictory to the conventional, traditional demeanor he presents. That, of course, is why he's so easy to overlook...."

The Journals of Doctor Unorthodox

Real Name: Bruce Rogers

Sobriquets: The Non-Biodegradable Trashman, The Dumpster Detective, The Grimy Knight, The Civil Servant of the Night

Status: Active, Leader of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable. Head of Rogers Industries and The Rogers Foundation. Unmarried. Currently involved with Healer.

Notes: Trashman first appeared in his own self-titled solo series. He has also appeared in "The Trashman Holiday Special," and played a significant part in the limited series "Yesterday's Hero."

Known Powers: Trashman possesses no actual super powers. However, he is a nearly unparalleled hand-to-hand combatant, using a unique form of hand-to-grime combat. He also carries a number of weapons and devices in his Utility Coveralls which resemble garbage. He also carries his Millite Trash Can Lid, which he is an expert in wielding. His uniform is a kevlar/polymer bond which is bulletproof and resistant to other forms of harm. He is highly agile and very perceptive. He is nearly psychic when it comes to taking random garbage and reconstructing mysteries through it.

Description: Trashman wears a grey set of utility coveralls with a dark grey button-up oxford shirt underneath them. His mask covers his head and half his face, though his ears are outside the mask. He wears a grey cap on his head with a torn Dark City Sanitation Department patch on it. His eyes are blue and his hair is blond. He is cool and somewhat unemotive, possessing a sardonic wit and a sense of irony in place of a sense of humor. His relationship with Healer might alter these feelings in some way, and then again it might not.

Origin Story: Origins I: "The Trashman Cometh."

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