Created by: Greg Fishbone

First appearance: Super Seven #1

Current author: Greg Fishbone

Email: fishbone@user1.channel1.com

Last updated: 7/31/95

Real name: Nick Taylor

A.K.A.: Taximan

Status: Active, founding member of the Super Seven

Description: Short and thin, with light brown hair and blue eyes.

Known powers: Transmat is able to transform his body into energy in the form of a carrier wave and travel at the speed of light. While travelling in this manner, his perceptions are slowed to allow him to view his immediate environment, and he is able to take objects and other people with him and perform minor manipulations on their forms. The transition from matter to energy is always accompanied by a puff of trademark pink smoke that immediately dissipates. In carrier-wave form, the only known substance that Transmat can not penetrate is Marconisite.

Major appearances: The Super Seven series.

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