Created by: Rob Furr

Current author: Rob Furr


Real name:Jane M. Watson

Series: Thieftaker is a regular in the Extreme Team series, having first appeared in the Not Quite Ready for Continuity series, and also appears in Hard Times.

Status: Active.

Known Powers: Thieftaker is much stronger and faster than an average human; with effort, she can lift Bulletproof. over her head, and by her own admission, she can run faster than sixty miles per hour. She has also claimed some level of invulnerability, but the limits of this power have yet to be determined. She is also an ex-London police officer, with the deductive and hand-to-hand combat skills that would normally be associated with such a position.

Description: Thieftaker is well over six feet tall, and, to use the vernacular, is built like a brick outhouse. She has long, auburn hair, a nice, if somewhat idiosyncratic face, and tends to wear leather and similarly protective garments. She has a strong English accent, but tends to use American idioms and slang, due to her early childhood friendship with Bulletproof.

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