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The Switch

Current Author: Keiran McManus

Email: keiranm@abac.com

Real Name: Dennis Stewart
Age: 24 years in 1996
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Go ahead, make my day!

Origin: The Switch #1-#3

Current Status: Active, and single (well technically single, Emma O'Rourke)

Appearing in: The Switch/Team Mate


When in costume The Switch wears a set of steel gray overalls, one of those black eye mask thingies, and some heavy duty Blundstone work boots ("comfortable footwear, hfmp!"). He has eternally uncombed red hair and eyes that are too green to be brown and yet too brown to be green.

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Known Powers

The Switch's main power, and the one he gets his name from, is The Switch. With this power he can create multiple copies of himself in different locations, and these individual bodies can then act simultaneously. Note that the name "The Switch" is derived from the term "task switching", and was used because I didn't want to call him Multitasking Man.

Dennis Stewart gained this power when as he was talking on the phone during a lightning storm. The phone was connected through a computer on which he was porting a multitasking operating system. Lightning struck nearby telephone lines and the resulting energy surge imprinted the (incomplete) software into his brain, and landed him in the hospital for several weeks. In some vaguely undefined way this gave him his current powers. Don't expect me to explain how!

Currently he can create copies of himself as long as no two are more than about two hundred metres apart. More recently he has been experimenting with copying small objects from one body to another. Although he cannot create any permanent objects by doing this, he can change the object's location by 'cancelling' the original object's existence.

Another ability The Switch seems to have is that of "electronic empathy". In short he seems to know what an electronic device is feeling and can occasionally get it to behave in the way he wants.

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