Spandex Babe

Created by: Eric, Lord Sabre

Current Author: Eric, Lord Sabre


Appears in: The Adventures of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable

"Beta Class Paranormal. One of, if not the most powerful members of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable. Spandex Babe's strength is believed to exceed Andy Awesome's, though she doesn't approach the Alpha Class. She is well trained, possesses formidible powers beyond her strength, and is very resiliant to damage. Spandex babe has shown a tendency to undisciplined emotion during stress situations which could, if properly manipulated, be adventageous to the Bureau's objectives...."

Mega-Intellegence Bureay Assessment

"A curious woman, really. Spandex Babe seems to balance a drive to prove herself -- despite her demeaning name -- and present a powerful role model for women with a passion or even anger stemming from sources unknown. Trashman's opposite, though they seem to work extraordinarily well together. She is a strong leader with charisma and drive, but her tactical knowledge and ability to work in a group is limited. I wish I knew her better, but apparently no one does...."

The Journals of Elizabeth Tirkoff, Ph.D.

"Having failed both in our efforts to recreate Dangerousman through a clone from Spandex Babe's genetic material and in our efforts to manipulate and control Spandex Babe herself, I am forced to assume we underestimated the woman. She is easy to anger, which we were able to use against her through conditioning, but she is also strong of will and body. Especially body. I do believe some of the scars from our battle with never heal...."

The Writings of Andy Awe-Inspiring

Real Name: Dianna Potentiate

Sobriquets: The Warrior Woman, The Tight-Clothed Titan Status: Active member of The Adjusted League Unimpeachable, current Deputy Leader. Spandex Babe, as of this writing, is undergoing adjudication stemming from her participation in The Industrial Revolution and from the alleged murder of a minor mage during those events. Spandex Babe's clone/younger sister is Dangerousgirl, which gives Spandex Babe a semi-familial relationship with Dangerousman, Relativity Woman, and Dynamite-Vest Man. Spandex Babe's other known relatives are all deceased. Spandex Babe seems to have developed a close friendship with Spectrum.

Notes: Spandex Babe is a member of Alpha Psi Omega, though what that means is not really known. Project: Warrior Woman, the project which gave Spandex Babe her powers, was connected to Alpha Psi Omega.

It is also worth noting that Spandex Babe's friendships and relationship with the Adjusted League Unimpeachable has been strained by her murder of an innocent during the Industrial Revolution. In particular, The Masked Bruce seems to distrust and even dislike Spandex Babe. Spandex Babe herself seems to have been consumed by guilt over the event, which places her usefulness as a Superguy in doubt.

Known Powers: Spandex Babe gained her powers through Project: Warrior Woman, which bioengineered her genetic code, effectively redesigning her. At the same time they developed a highly advanced set of weaponry integrated into the spandex bodysuit Spandex Babe wears. The bioengineering gives Spandex Babe incredible strength, capable of lifting at least fifteen tons with little difficulty. Her endurance, likewise, is enhanced, and her jumping and running are magnified accordingly. Spandex Babe's uniform also contains an interactive network of Neophotonic emitters. These emitters project neophotonic energy -- an energy source which projects heat, light and force. The net's defensive functions are powerful and automatic. Unfortunatly, to activate the various attack forms within the suit, Spandex Babe must say the words "Spandex Babe" audibly. This gives her her unfortunate code-name. The neophotonic bursts can penetrate armor plate, or be tightened into lasers of considerable power. Her defense net can defend her against hostile energy forms and impacts of incredible power. Spandex Babe is also highly trained in akido and tae kwon do, and has shown considerable knowledge of international espionage.

Description: Spandex Babe is one of the three most beautiful women on Earth. She has long brunette hair and deep brown eyes. She is five feet eleven inches tall, and is well muscled, but not overly so. She wears a blue spandex body suit with silver trim, silver wrist bracers and a silver belt that tapers into a `W.' A molded silver epaulet which tapers to a triangular point extends off Spandex Babe's right shoulder -- this is a repair to the suit which the Masked Bruce made following the Adjusted League Unimpeachable's fight with the Unimaginable League Amoral. Spandex Babe's demenor is usually serious, though someone passionate and easy to anger. She is very expressive, usually.

Origin Story: "Origins IV: Knights in Blue Spandex" (in progress); (some elements of the story were told in "Two Leagues of Their Own.")

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