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Shadebeam realized they were looking directly at her, and that she had been staring at them. A disturbing realization was beginning to form in her mind. Dog Thing had addressed the other two as teammates, as well as friends. Did that mean...?

"It's Radian!" Nora realized.

"Ah, fuck," Shadebeam muttered, as she abruptly stood, kicking her stool back onto the floor. *Akane!* she sent, over their psi-link. *It's Team Cynical. We've got to get out of here!*

No answer. Shadebeam couldn't sense her sister over the link, which meant she had either closed her mind off, or...

Without hesitation, she grabbed both mugs of beer and took off. The mugs were full, and she was forced to slow down, in order not to spill any of the delicious beer within.

-Hey!- Andro protested. -Wait for me!-

"After her!" Dominic called out. She risked a glance back and saw that Nora, Dominic, and Dog Thing had plucked their mugs off of the tray and were hurrying as best they could towards her. Luck was with her, though -- they were just as concerned about spillage as she was, and it was forcing them to move at the pace of a hurried walk through and around the onlookers.

-I *said*, wait up!- Andro protested. He leapt off of his stool and dashed across the floor, leaping up onto the table with one swift bound. He was about to leap onto Shadebeam's shoulders when a number of Seattleites blocked his way.

"Hey, a cat!" one of them noted, astutely.

"How'd he get in here?" another asked.

"Meow?" Andro asked, weakly. He was about to move when he felt sharp fingernails behind his ears, fingernails that started in with a very, very nice scritching. He stopped, purred, and leaned his head back, which invited more hands.

"Oh, he's so cute!" the woman who was scritching his ears said. "Whose is he? Does he have a collar?"

"Think he'd like some smoked salmon?" another of the Seattleites asked.

-That's a rhetorical question, I trust,- Andro purred, too low for any of them to perceive it as anything other than purring. Shadebeam realized that Team Cynical's best path was blocked, and that it would take them several precious seconds to go around the mass of cat-admirers. She took a quick sip of porter, and headed towards the stairs.

*Thanks for the delay,* she sent to Andro.

-My pleasure...mmmmm,- Andro purred back. -Don't forget to come back and pick me up when you're done being chased.-

Shadebeam headed up the stairs, as fast as her beer would allow.

Real name: Shadebeam Moroboshi (formerly "Akane Moroboshi," she legally changed it in the summer of 1995).

Status: After more than a year on the run from the law for having helped her altiversal twin, Radian, escape, she was captured, only to be later pardoned by the President as a result of a deal made by Secret Secret Agent Karina Selanova.

Notes: Shadebeam, who was Akane Moroboshi in the Sfstory altiverse (001SFSTORY), was drawn to 000SUPERGUY through the machinations of the Dis/Order of the Exploding Chao, who were in turn being manipulated by ARCANA. Radian, who had already become the Dark Goddess, noticed her arrival and whisked her away to CalForce headquarters, where Shadebeam learned the true story behind her transformation. In the final battle, Radian's magic was forcibly imparted to Shadebeam, who, due to the fact that she was from a different altiverse, was barely able to use it.

Shadebeam helped Radian escape and, for the next year and a half, accompanied her on her trek across all seven continents, becoming a little more proficient with her magic use in the process. She surrendered with Radian to the Mega-Intelligence Bureau in Malaga.

Known powers: Shadebeam's body contains vast reserves of magical power which she can barely tap, due to her not being from the Superguy altiverse. Oftentimes, her spells have unintended consequences.

Description: 5'4", 26 years old in appearance, with short spiky blonde hair and green eyes. Tends to wear ripped, ill-matching clothes.

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