Created by: Jimbo Wales

Current author: None

Status: Gone

Notes: Scarywoman first appeared in a self-titled solo series, then eventually in the Dangerousman series. She was returned to the Scary Dimension during the Akron crossover.

Known powers: Scarywoman has n-dimensional eyes, with which she can literally scare people to death in moments. Even the mighty ! was reduced to sobs by her gaze. She knows everything, although it takes her a long time to process the information. She is also capable of firing a web of photon control mites. Nobody really knows what they are or what they do, but she can fire a web of them.

Description: Scarywoman is subtle, yet bold. Quiet, though loud. A short, fat, tall, short, red-headed blond of rather astoundingly low photogenic potential. She speaks in a slow, menacing rasp, and moves very slowly, too.

Major Appearances:

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