Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


Real name: Unknown

Status: Active, member of Force Ten

Series: Sanka appeared in the Force Ten series.

Notes: When Force Ten went on extended vacation, Sanka returned to Britain with Tealeaf and Melbaman.

Known powers: Sanka can turn any water into coffee of any type and temperature, provided he can touch the water. Drakkor and Roger rigged him up with what is basically a gas-pumped pair of super-soakers so that he can use his powers in battle to launch superheated blasts of coffee at his opponents.

Description: Sanka is British, shorter than average with brown hair and and eyes. Coffee brown, in fact. His costume is coffee-brown, with the emblem of a nice big cup of Folgers on the front. Good to the last drop, y'know.

Major Appearances:

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