Mister Safety

Created by: Rob Furr

Current author: Rob Furr and Ben Brown

Email: rfurr@hamlet.uncg.edu

Real name:Unknown

Series: Mister Safety is a regular in the Extreme Team series, and has made several cameo appearances in other series.

Status: Active.

Known Powers: Mister Safety may or not have what are normally called 'powers.' However, whether or not what he does is actually paranormal, it is still effective. To be blunt, Mister Safety knows every single industrial safety code, guideline, health regulation, law, ordinance, and suggestion that has ever been enacted on this planet, and he will tell you about them. In detail. With cross-references. Within seconds of his entry into a battle, the hapless villain will be presented with pound after pound of citations, tickets, and warnings of industrial safety violations. Few villains, no matter how able they are to withstand the long arm of the law, are able to withstand the long arm of OSHA.

Description: Mister Safety varies his costume, but, no matter what, he will always be completely protected, as well as within all relevant codes and regulations. Some pieces of industrial safety equipment that he has particular fondess for are: his steel-shank-and-toed boots, his organic solvent filter mask, his welder's goggles, hard hat with face guard, cervical collar, and his hazardous-environment isolation suit. Inside the multiple layers of protection, he is sandy-haired, with hazel eyes, just about six feet tall, and very young-looking.

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