Ray Sterling

Created by: Josh Schultz

Current author: Jesse Taylor

Email: sw@eyrie.org

Real name: Ray Sterling

Aliases: the Robotech Defender

Status: Active, solo

Series: Ray Sterling had a miniseries devoted to him, and he later appeared in the Team M.E.C.H.A. series, showing up in the Springfield Battle and the Bob City Megacrossover. He showed up, finally, towards the end of the Force Ten series.

Notes: Ray hangs out at the RinkyDink airfield, owned by Jake. People there include Suzy, Ray's big fan; Marie and Wayne, a pair of Invid; George and Herman, Jake's two redneck assistants, and Doc Hansen, a local physicist.

Known powers: None, other than slight ineptitude and bad luck. He owns a cool Cyclone mechabike, but that's about it. His Alpha got wasted in a battle with Ultima.

Description: "The kind of guy you see in the Air Force recruiting posters". He looks the part, even if the only reason he wins most battles is his superior technology. He's slightly taller than average, with sandy hair and brown eyes. Ray typically dresses in his REF flight suit.

Major Appearances:

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