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Current author: Gary W. Olson

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"Stay where you are!" a voice commanded. A woman in military fatigues, carrying an uzi, approached through the smoke. More revolutionaries appeared, a lot more than had first been in the courtyard. Some looked angry, some looked determined. All were armed.

The woman looked around, seemingly puzzled. "This is it?" she finally asked. "This is the big invasion force that that metal wanker told us to prepare for?"

"No," Radian said. Mentally, she guaged her position, relative to the huge, arching gate that was the main enterance to the prison. She moved three steps to the right, wary of the guns that were on her. It was important to be in exactly the right position for this.

The wind was coming from the southeast, between two of the towers, blowing her shoulder-length black hair. She was standing right in front of the gate, so that the top of the arch seemed to loom over her.

"This is," Radian said.

The clouds were parting, and something was emerging.

"Oh...hell..." a young man with a handgun said. "It's...it's..."

"Big," the woman said. "Holy moses, it's big."

"I seen that before," a third man said, looking very alarmed. "It's the Awesome Force One!"

The huge airship emerged from the clouds, looming above them all. From the angle that the revolutionaries in the compound were watching, it looked as though it was appearing right upon the topmost part of the arch, directly behind Radian's icewater eyes.

Real name: Akane Moroboshi

Status: Former member of CalForce. She was a fugitive from the law until May, when she was captured by the Mega-Intelligence Bureau. Recently entered a romantic relationship with Ramrod. Currently awaiting trial and the destruction of the universe, not necessarily in that order.

Notes: Akane Moroboshi became known to the world as Radian after she was transformed by the magic of the villain Dar, which acted on earlier changes wrought by a beam from an alien weapon. In truth, though, the changes in both her mind and body were begun far earlier, in the TransDemesne. ARCANA suppressed her natural telekinetic abilities and introduced the potential for radiation-based powers, knowing the powers would later be brought to the fore. ARCANA's motive for this and other manipulations of Radian was to manipulate the complete disintegration of the Superguy altiverse, a necessary step in her plan to recreate the altiverse in her image.

Radian's life took its first turn for the worse in 1993, when Dracula transformed her into a vampire. She was able to use her radiation powers to overcome the physical changes, and as a result gained greater strength, plus vampiric fangs. Later that spring, she and CalForce journeyed to Japan to fight in The Magic Wars. There, she was forced to intake a large amount of dark magic in order to end the wars and save her teammates. The magic corroded her, driving her further toward nihilism even as it made her more powerful, and eventually transformed her into the Dark Goddess.

CalForce, Team Cynical, and The Defense Squad joined forces to defeat her. Radian regained her cosmic balance, but it was too late: the world viewed her as a criminal. So, with help of Shadebeam, her altiversal counterpart from 001SFSTORY, she escaped, fleeing to Australia.

And that was just the beginning.

Known powers: Radian can generate and project radiation of any type, and can focus enough energy in such projections to be lethal, should she desire to be. Additionally, she can fly, and can manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum and send communication signals, allowing her to stay in contact, via satellite, with HAL. Recently, ARCANA allowed Radian's natural telekinetic abilities to emerge, but that has only served to upset the delicate natural balance of power within her, resulting in ever-increasing pain. Drinking blood has given her greater strength in the past, though not to the degree that a real vampire would receive.

Description: 5'4", 26 years old in appearance, with shoulder-length jet-black hair, and bone-white skin. Her green eyes were removed in the TransDemesne and were replaced by artificial eyes, one all-black and one all-white.

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