Created by: Gary W. Olson

Current author: Gary W. Olson

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Inside, Sister Mary Ellen Hatchetnose grumbled. She was under attack yet again, by more heroes. Moreover, they seemed to be staying out of range of her radio antenna. Like the others, though, they had proven to be ineffective against her car. She smiled a bitter smile. The Protestants would rue this day, when she had smashed their Convention and knocked over their display tables.

A sound at the right door made her look over, but there was nobody there. Or was there? The Nun stared, they opened her eyes wide in alarm as Rad opened the door and catapulted himself inside the car.

"Who are you?" she asked, alarmed. "Why have you trespassed on a poor sister such as myself? Why do you have fresh vegetables in your ear?" The hero, who had a tan which even the Nun had to admit was of Biblical proportions, looked at her densely.

"Like, what, sister babe?" he said. "Oh, yah, hold on..." He removed the carrot from one of his ears. "I am, like, Rad, your most truly bogus sisterliness, and I am here to stop your, like, most heinous hogging of the roadways, like, y'know?"

The Nun stared at Rad in some confusion. This one talked something that sounded vaguely like English, but made little sense. She gathered, though, that he was not here to be of assistance.

"Get out of my car, Protestant heathen!" she screamed, whipping out a ruler. Rad dodged as she brought the ruler down, causing the carrot to splatter. She swung again with the ruler, chopping the headrest of the passenger side seat in half. Rad gulped.

"Like, uh, like, couldn't we pull over and, y'know, talk about this?" he said nervously. The Nun squinted at the brightness of his smile.

Real name: Joseph Moroboshi.

Status: Formerly an active hero, Rad retired in 1991 and became Emperor of the Ottsamaddawidu Confederation when his wife, Glum took the throne as Empress. Later he returned to Earth and was pitched into limbo in a battle against his twin children, Ian and Chelsea.

Notes: Rad, the most excellently well-tanned being in the known universe, gained his powers when struck by an alien energy device. He became a hero and acquired a sidekick, Manny Seconds, who would later become the hero known as Confusion. Together with his SO (and later, wife) Glum, they battled a wide variety of threats to world peace and good tanning conditions.

In 1991, Rad decided to retire, and he and Glum returned to Planet Hottentot as Emperor and Empress. Glum gave birth to twins, Ian and Chelsea, soon after, and to another child, Rumiko, the following year. Things seemed to be going well.

When Radian was defeated in her attempted destruction of Earth, Rad was emotionally crushed, moreso because his twin children, already fully grown and members of The Magestrix, had tried to kill her. He journeyed to Earth to see if he could help her, but was instead captured and merged with Chelsea, causing him to become The Rad, his godlike form in an earlier life. Radian succeeded in pitching him, The Dar, and Glum into a quantum limbo, temporarily.

Known powers: Rad has considerable psychokinetic powers, which he can project as bolts or use to shield himself and others from damage.

Description: 6'4", 28 years old, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Usually only wears spandex beath apparel, and has a tan of truly Biblical proportions.

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