Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


Real name: Katie

Status: Active, member of Force Ten

Series: Prizm appears in the Force Ten series.

Notes: Prizm owns a small Household Pet Invid, which she sees as a pet. She is currently taking a break from heroing after having to deal with a real-life Night of the Living Dead courtesy of Kriegtot.

Known powers: Prizm draws energy from light, and can focus this stored power in any way she desires. She can manipulate lasers and light sources of any type, as well as optical computer systems. Her main modes of energy focus are concentrated laser blasts and flash effects, which temporarily blind the target. She can also accellerate to near-lightspeed velocities but this takes a great deal of energy and has some bad side effects, such as the fact that her costume isn't protected from the massive effects of air friction as that velocity. Her dependance on light energy makes her weak and helpless in total darkness.

Description: Prizm is slightly shorter than average, with blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears a white costume with a graphic of a prizm fracturing a light beam on the front.

Major Appearances:

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