Created by: Mason Kramer

Current author: Mason Kramer


Real name: Roger E. Nobody

Known Aliases: Deckmaster

Status: Dead, Active

Notes: Nobody first appeared in The Teen Team series, and is an active member of that team. Deckmaster was killed during the Industrial Revolution, but returned to rejoin the Teen Team shortly after.

Known powers: Nobody is able to be visible but intangible, or invisible but tangible. He is able to survive without food, water, or air. Just a few of the benefits of being dead.

As Deckmaster, Roger was able to use Magic: the Gathering cards as magical focuses. He has not tried to use this ability since his death, and it is unknown if it still exists.

Description: 6'2", 155 lbs., skeletal. Light brown hair, dark brown eyes. Wears a brown robe with several pockets, and leather boots.

Major Appearances:

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