Created by: Mason Kramer

Current author: Mason Kramer


The large thug moves the picture, but there is no safe behind it. There is a hole behind it, however, and the hole is stuffed with money. He prepares a bag to fill when the slightly less stocky thug says, "Listen!"


"Thought I heard a door open."

"Go check it out. I'll get the money."

"Right." The smaller thug leaves the room. A moment later, he returns.

"See anything?"

"Just a superhero. He took over my mind and asked me to come in and knock you unconscious."

"Geez, don't even *think* things like that, O.. Ow!" He is interrupted by the smaller thugs attempt to knock him out suddenly and without warning with a sharp chop to the neck. Fortunately for the larger thug, he had moved a bit to get some more money, so he was lucky there.

"You chose the wrong night to try to rob this house," says Best Friend from his perch on the couch. He thinks about getting some popcorn for the fight, but decides not to, lest he seem too cocky.

The larger thug grunts as the smaller thug punches him in the stomach, but responds quickly by kicking the legs out from under the smaller thug, who proceeds to sprawl on the ground.

"Who are you?" asks the larger thug, as the smaller thug uses his arm to trip the larger thug.

"They call me...." Timmy trails off. He can't really call himself Best Friend if he wants to keep his parents from guessing about him. "They call me Mental, dude. And they call you mud."

Real name: Timothy Ward

Status: Active

Notes: Mental first appeared in the Mighty Dog limited series, and is an active and founding member of The Teen Team.

Known powers: Mental is able to read minds, and control them to some extent. People with extraordinarily high willpower or extraordinarily low intelligence are immune to his abilities. He has recently learned how to move things (and cats) telekineticly.

Description: 6', 175 lbs., athletic. Blandly handsome. Wears a green shirt, blue pants, yellow cape, orange boots, and red mask.

No, really.

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