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Current author: Mason Kramer


Melvin grimaces, and says, "That's what I thought, too, but he really is the only one person that matches your specs."

"The only one person? Elaborate."

"Well, I did have a thought, but it's probably stupid. Maybe one person isn't right for the job, but a group of people would be."

The large man sits up, stunned by the idea. "It's perfect! We can find people with the proper qualities, form them into a team, and set them to work. We can set them up with uniforms, a secret base, the whole nine yards! Brilliant, Melvin! Get to work on finding some appropriate people, at once."

"Begging your indulgence, boss, I already have," says Melvin, pulling a folder out of the briefcase.

The large man reads through the folder, pauses, and reads through again.

"Interesting," he says, "but don't you think they're a little... young?"

"I don't think so. Remember, their primary mission is the protection of children. Who better for the job than people that can blend in with them?"

Real name: Melvin the Elven

Status: Active

Notes: Melvin first appeared in The Teen Team series, and is a founding member of that team.

Known powers: Melvin is a mage of unknown skill. He has useful contacts in the North Pole.

Description: 2'1", weight unknown. Very large, pointed ears. Red hair, green eyes. Wears a green tunic over red pants and a green hat.

Major Appearances:

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