Lincoln Douglas

Created by: Chris Meadows

Current author: Chris Meadows


Real name: Lincoln Douglas

Known Aliases: None

Status: Member of Team M.E.C.H.A. before Industrial Revolution caused it to break up.

History: Lincoln was perfectly happy at high school, learning science, using the 22-inch telescope in the Garrett Falls observatory, until Dr.Zwarghoff took over Garrett Falls. Using the skills learned from his father's training, he, his brother Adam, and Adam's girlfriend Sarah Conner were able to escape. While carrying out guerilla operations against Zwarghoff, the Douglases met up with Team M.E.C.H.A. After defeating Zwarghoff, they joined up.

When Dr. Odd Science joined the team after the battle in Springfield, Lincoln immediately became his protege and assistant. Much of what Odd did, Link couldn't understand, but he learned.

After the Bob City MegaCrossover, Adam Douglas talked Link into letting him escape. Since that time, Lincoln has felt a measure of responsibility for the things Adam did or tried to do during the Industrial Revolution.

During the wedding of Ariella Conner and Robert, Adam struck up a friendship of sorts with Pinto_Sally_ of the Mighty Muddy Power Grangers, which came as something of a surprise to both of them.

Known powers: No specific powers per se except for knowledge. Rudimentary survival and weapons training; computer programming and hacking, astronomy, and miscellaneous science skills; rudimentary hand-to-hand and mecha combat skills. Pilots a VR-052 Battler Cyclone cycle. Often carries an energy pistol or other advanced weapons, and a miniature computer system.

Lincoln is the junior scientist/computer technician of Team M.E.C.H.A. He was instructed somewhat in survival and combat by his father, Fairbanks Douglas, an ex-Green Beret, and picked up computer hacking and other science skills at high school.

Description: 17 years old, 5'9", brown hair, hazel eyes, 165 lbs. He typically wears blue Cyclone armor, of the same type as Scott Bernard from Robotech, or standard civilian clothes (blue jeans, T-shirt).

Lincoln is a scientist and a hacker, something of a hotshot at times as he enjoys showing off his abilities. He follows orders most of the time, but sometimes protests when he feels his abilities are not being used to their fullest potential.

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