Current Author: Keiran McManus

Real Name: Michael Slade
Age: 27 years in 1996
Height: 5'9"

Origin: The Switch #6


Injuryman is of a medium with a lean and muscular build. He has fairly dark skin and black hair which is cut in the flat-top style. His Team Mate costume is a full body suit of white spandex, with a cape and white mask, a large red cross on the chest and the caduceus symbol on each forearm.

Known Powers

Injuryman is a master of "The Ancient Martial Art of No-Can-Do", a mysterious fighting form whose very existence is denied by all other martial arts schools. Injuryman is also a fully trained paramedic.

Injuryman's also has the power to absorb and redirect pain, an ability he can use to increase the power of his blows. However the use of this power tends to leave him with sprains and bruises.

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