Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


Real name: John "Woody" Woodruff

Status: Active, member of Force Ten

Series: Fractalman appeared in the Force Ten series.

Notes: When Force Ten 'disbanded', Fractalman and Prizm left to return to school. That's probably where he is now.

Known powers: Fractalman's powers are based on his ability to generate randomly-variating blasts of energy. This makes him of mixed value in battle as once he fires off a blast, it's anyone's guess what it will do. He has made some Mandelbrot-shaped explosive throwing stars, which he uses when he doesn't want to risk hitting his teammates.

Description: Fractalman is a wimpy-looking high-school student with brownish hair and blue eyes. He generally wears shirts with complex, computer-art fractal pictures on them. Most of these are faded from constant wear.

Major Appearances:

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