Created by: Mason Kramer

Current author: Mason Kramer


Nightmare woke up, and instantly regretted it. Her left foreleg was throbbing, possibly broken. Her head hurt, and she worried briefly about a concussion. Experimentally, she opened her eyes.

"So, the traitor awakes."

Nightmare squinted, trying to make out the source of the voice. She recognized the voice, of course. It was one that she'd dreaded hearing for almost seventeen years. She snorted, covering her fear, and said, //You dare call Me a traitor? You, who killed your own brother?\\

"Tried to kill my own brother, you mean. I never succeeded. Of course, the point is somewhat moot, as I'm not free to take advantage of the situation, my dear Enigma." She heard the sound of chains rattling, and turned her head somewhat to get a better view of him.

He was still dressed in his usual finery, that much hadn't changed. His hair was still dark, though his beard had grown substantially since the last time she had seen him. And he wasn't usually given to wearing chains fastened to his arms and legs, or having said chains fastened to a dungeon wall.

//Indeed, it appears that you have come down in the world. I cannot say I am particularly displeased to learn it.\\

"So," he said, "Here we are."

//Yes.\\ She finally succumbed to the temptation and asked, //Why are you here?\\

"Well, Enigma, it's like this. I made a mistake. I thought, 'John, since your own people do not trust you anymore, for reasons that are not your own fault, perhaps the Nightmares would be interested in an alliance with the renegade Dreamweaver.'" He shook his chains. "So, I said, 'John, what an excellent idea!' and followed through. The Nightmares decided that they had no interest in working with *any* Dreamweaver."

//So, here you are.\\

"Now the real interesting question is, why are *you* here?"

Enigma thought a moment, then shrugged. //My mistress demanded that we track down her father's killers. I had no choice but to help. But there was a problem when we crossed the Gate, and we were separated.\\

Real name: Enigma

Status: Active

Notes: Nightmare first appeared in The Teen Team series, and is an active member of that team. She is also involved in the DreamWeavers series. She is the companion of Daydream Believer.

Known powers: Nightmare is able to become desolid at will. She can extend this to anyone riding her. Her eyes glow red when this happens. Enigma is also able to enter the Dreaming, and exit it into any reality where people dream (with the exception of the Author's Altiverse, of course). She can track anyone that dreams, with the exception of another Nightmare. She can project her thoughts to other Nightmares and to Dreamweavers. She is immune to a Dreamweaver's ability to project illusions directly to someone.

Description: Large racing horce. Black. Very black. So black, light seems to just fall in. Black mane. Black eyes. Often wears a saddle.

Major Appearances:

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