Daydream Believer

Created by: Mason Kramer

Current author: Mason Kramer


Samantha glared at the necklace. Her father had given it to her adoptive parents many years ago, and she'd received it from them when her abilities manifested. Nightmare had told her that her father had used it to cross the Altiversal boundries into the Dreaming without a nightmare, which was normally impossible. Unfortunately, Nightmare had not known how to work it, and it didn't come with an instruction manual.
"I give up."
"Oh, now don't give up, dearie," came a voice from nowhere. Samantha was getting used to these voices that come from nowhere, since she and her possessions were the only things she could see here, other than a sort of milky whiteness.
"Why not? This amulet doesn't do anything. I can't even get it to display it's old program of my father explaining why he had to leave me (see TT#2)." Samantha put the necklace back on and sighed. "I'm stuck here. I failed myself, Mental, Nightmare, the Teen Team, everyone."
"Och, dearie. You haven't been listening. You keep relying on external sources to solve your problems. Like this 'amulet' you keep mentioning. You don't need an amulet; you just need yourself."
Samantha frowned, then sighed. "Right. I'm supposed to just sit here and think, 'I'm not here, I'm in the Dreaming,' I suppose."
Samantha vanished.

Real name: Samantha Malone

Known Aliases: Dreamy, DB, Sam, Dreamweaver

Status: Active

Notes: Daydream Believer first appeared in The Teen Team series, and is an active and founding member of that team. She has recently become aware that she is a Dreamweaver, but has not fully come to terms with this knowledge.

Known powers: Daydream Believer is able to project illusions of two types. The first type of illusion is a visual that anyone can see or hear, but cannot interact on an olfactory or tactile basis (in other words, you can't feel or smell them). The second type affects just one person, but affects all their senses. Samantha is also able to enter the Dreaming, and exit it into any reality where people dream (with the exception of the Author's Altiverse, of course). She can project her thoughts to Nightmares and to other Dreamweavers. She is immune to a Dreamweaver's ability to project illusions directly to someone, and cannot be tracked by a Nightmare's ability to track a dreamer.

Description: 5'2", 105 lbs., athletic, very pale. Attractive in a blonde haired, blue eyed, teenage, athletic sort of way. Wears a black bodysuit with a black cloak and black riding boots.

Major Appearances:

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