Chalandra Harkness

Created by: Gary W. Olson

Current author: Gary W. Olson


In darkness, time has no meaning. An inky, sepulchural void, infinite, undefined, a nebulous sea for the senses to drift within. Falling from one black point to the next, adrift without reference, in the ebony reaches of lightless nothingness...


Um...lightless nothingness...

"Snrrrrk...mmm...hey, who's that talking?"

Me. The Narrator.

"Oh," Chalandra Harkness said sleepily. "That's good. For a second, I thought I was having a nightmare about somebody narrating a bunch of pretentious drivel about darkness."

Er, well, anyways...ah...Chalandra shifted, and opened the lid of her coffin. Through the window of her suite, the last rays of the sun were quickly dying across the city of Los Angeles. She sat up and flicked on a lamp, shedding some light on the gothic decor.

Chalandra shook her head. Being a five-hundred year old vampire who looked to be about twenty-five years old was no easy feat, especially if said vampire tended to hang out with mortals who, at any given moment, might take on an elder god, or run for president, or wreck major historic landmarks. But, even though the almost two years she had been a member of CalForce was a tiny fraction of her storied life, she valued it tremendously.

She opened the refridgerator, and pulled out a quart of blood, and poured it into a chilled glass. HAL, having noticed she was up and about, lit some jazz onto her stereo system.

"Nearly out," she said, noting the few blood-sacs left. "Guess I'd better see Bud and Lou."

She found her black leather pants and boots and put them on, and slid a plain white t-shirt over her front. Digging under the piles of 'Bloody Homes and Mausoleums' and 'Vampire News and World Report', she found her black leather jacket and slung it on. She checked the mirror. No reflection.

"How do I look, HAL?" Chalandra asked.

"Fine, Chalandra," HAL said, in his extremely mellow voice, from his voiceplate.

"HAL, how is it you can see me when my vampiric curse throws off mirrors, cameras, and most detection equipment?" Chalandra asked.

"The construction of this headquarters incorporated numerous alien principles of physics, space-time causilistry, and dimensional perception, which allow me to access a wide range of information reception access points."


"I'm really, really cool."

"Thanks," Chalandra said. "I think. I'm off to dinner."

Real name: Chalandra Harkness

Status: Active, former member of CalForce; single, but recently accepted proposal of marriage from Confusion. Recently became the chairperson of Harxxon, Inc.

Notes: Chalandra Harkness is a vampire, turned by Dracula in 1513, at the age of 23. She left London in that year, and is known to have spent a number of decades with a coven of vampires in a region of the Nepalese Alps known as the Mountains of Badness. The details of her departure from this place are not known. In the 1800's, she turned up in Paris, where she had an affair with Katsu, who asked her to make him into a vampire. She did, and he subsequently regretted the decision, eventually coming to blame her.

Little is known of her activities between then and now. She has remarked upon having developed an appreciation of jazz in the years she stayed in New Orleans, and is known to have returned to England sometime in the 1930's to discover what happened to her family. By the end of the 1980's, she was working as a government therapist, and was assigned to Hoggsville, Texas, where the project to re-integrate the five billion George Bushs was occuring. Rad was recruited to do the physical work on that project, and Chalandra, under the psychic influence of Gorgax, began the process of turning him into a vampire. She encountered Rad on several subsequent adventures, and when CalForce invited her to join, she accepted, on the theory that if some guy can dress up like a bat and call himself a hero, someone who can actually turn into a bat can, too.

2035, written by Eric Alfred Burns involves Chalandra in an a dystopic alternate future society, providing another interpretation of one of Superguy's most storied characters.

Known powers: Chalandra Harkness is a vampire of the stokrati type, meaning that she can transform into a bat, mist, or a wolf, unlike some other vampires. Being out during the day does not kill her, but it seriously weakens her. She limits her consumption of human blood, mostly, to blood collected by vampires working for the Red Cross.

Description: 5'8", 23 years old in appearance, with dirtwater blonde hair. Typcially, she wore black leather while on missions with CalForce, casual clothes otherwise.

Major Appearances:

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