Captain Non Sequitor

Created by: Ben Brown

Current author: Ben Brown and Rob Furr


Real name:Unknown (by Rob Furr. I'm sure Ben knows.)

Series: Captain Non Sequitor is a regular in the Extreme Team series, having first appeared in the first Sam and Bert series, and has made various cameos since then in addition to his regular duties with the Extreme Team.

Status: Active.

Known Powers: Captain Non Sequitor may or may not have powers: this point has yet to be determined by the Authors. However, if he does not have powers, he is remarkably resourceful, being able to locate vast quantities of self-heating shaving cream at a moment's notice, for instance. His idea of what constitutes viable crimefighting techniques is somewhat at odds with normal practice; at any given time, Captain Non Sequitor will definitely be doing something weird and almost arbitrarily incoherent. In the past, this has ranged from coating seventeen beagles with tomato sauce and flinging them into the air, to delivering Cato the Elder's last known speech while standing on top of a telephone pole.

Description: To be quite honest, I have no bloody idea what the good Captain looks like. I'm sure Ben does, but I don't.

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