Created by: Rob Furr

Current author: Rob Furr

Email: rfurr@hamlet.uncg.edu

Real name:Unknown

Series: Bulletproof first appeared in a cameo in the FlatPhoot Phollies, after which he began appearing in Bob City in the Battle for Manchu Towers. He is now a regular in the various Extreme Team series, and has appeared in other series as well.

Status: Armed and extremely dangerous.

Known Powers: Bulletproof's powers all derive from the suit of powered armor that he wears. The suit, which weighs over five thousand pounds, enhances Bulletproof's strength to the point where he can actually do a pull-up or two while wearing the suit. It also features a electrically-rotated Gatling gun firing 7.62mm NATO, a 20mm cannon, hip-mounted grenades, a chainsaw, a taser, a flame-thrower, and a variety of shoulder-mounted weaponry. The armor itself is similar to the Chobham armor currently used on M1A2 main battle tanks, and can protect Bulletproof from most small-arms fire. Lastly, the suit has NBC protection, which, in extreme instances, can allow Bulletproof to survive under water or in outer space for short periods.

Description: Bulletproof's armor looks very much like the result from a bulldozer-medieval armor mating, painted olive drab and covered in weaponry. Under way, he is almost mind-numbingly menacing. He is not the most powerful hero in the Superguy universe (by far,) but he is possibly the most feared, due to his appearance and his willingness to use his weaponry.

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