Current Author: Louise Freeman


Real Name: Frederick P. Ludge

Fred Ludge grew up in the tiny rural communtiy of Winona Falls, Alabama. Tragedy struck his family when his bright young sister, an art student in Dillweed City, succumbed to drug abuse and was left disabled. Fred left his hometown and moved to Dillweed, vowing to clean up the town as a member of the police force. Finding the force (and its leader, Captain Phillip Dunne) "too soft", he quit and took a job as a campus security officer at Dillweed City College of Liberal and Conservative Arts. There, he founded the elite Plaid Beret squad, and was soon dispensing his own brand of justice, cracking down on everything from parking violations to cafeteria protests.

Eventually, Ludge's enthusiasm for law and order got to be too much for even the College authorities, and he was stripped of his beret and placed on adminstrative leave. This didn't matter too much, because he soon helped rescue Mary Agnes and was offered a job as a bodyguard and Guardian of Rectitude.


Fred Ludge is a huge man, nearly 7 feet tall., with a blond crew cut. His nickname comes from his costume, the riot armour he adapted from his plaid beret uniform. It is equipped with wrist mounted plasma blasters and practically inpregnable. It is also decorated with a variety of colorful and childish stickers, courtesy of Mary Agnes.

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