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He found a short, athletic form with short, spiked, light-blonde hair kneeling over the corpse of a derelict, forty feet from him. It was clothed in loose, spotless white clothes, and held a cricket bat in its right hand.

Ramrod drew his thirty-eight with his left hand and levelled it at the back of the blonde head. He tracked the figure as it stood, and the red dot inside his sunglasses never wavered from its target. He clicked off the safety with his thumb, and the figure whirled to face him.

Ramrod wasn't really surprised. He had had a feeling all along, and although this particular feeling never seemed to have a logical base, it was almost always correct, especially since being irradiated by Dangerousman.

"So," he said in a low tone, "shall I call you Batswoman from now on?"

"No such thing," she said. "Male or female, when you're holding the bat, you're the batsman."

Real name: Ellen (last name unknown)

Status: Deceased

Notes: Batsman first appeared in the original, two-part Ramrod miniseries. She returned at the Battle of Akron, and was a continuing character in the ensuing Ramrod solo series. She died in orbit around Jupiter when she shoved Ramrod into the airlock of a departing starship and failed to escape herself; there is some evidence that she helped him out once more after she died.

Known powers: Batsman never displayed any superhuman powers, but it has been speculated that she could see in the dark. She was a superb martial artist, fighting with a cricket bat and exploding cricket balls.

Description: 5'4", 125 lbs., athletic. Attractive in an icy-punk sort of way, batsman had fair skin, pale bright blue eyes, and very short, spiky blond hair, almost white. She had a bad attitude, but was relatively subdued in its expression; however, she was far more likely to kill an opponent than Ramrod. Her outfit was a classic white cricketer's uniform. She was English, and spoke with a mild accent.

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