Current Author: Keiran McManus


Real Name: Cheri Cola
Age:26 (Born 1970)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Classified (I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you)

Origin: The Switch #6

Current Status: Active

Appearing in: The Switch/Team Mate


Barmaid is about average height, with that almost but-not-quite-entirely blonde hair, which some people might call mousy. I wouldn't suggest it if I were you, not unless you like your drinks strong. Very strong. She also has grey eyes and the terminally pale skin of someone who works at night.

Barmaid wears a costume which looks like a waitress outfit, but in spandex, and with a white domino mask. She also wears a utility belt that holds several small vials of alcohol, and carries a Super-Soaker pressurized water pistol filled with alcohol.

Known Powers

Barmaid has the ability to manipulate the molecular structure of any substance containing alcohol, in order to give some other useful properties. She does this on an almost instinctual level and without worrying too much about the chemistry involved.

Barmaid is also fully qualified to operate a bar, and can mix practically any cocktail known to man, plus a few that aren't.

You cannot get her drunk.

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