Adam Douglas

Created by: Chris Meadows

Current author: Chris Meadows


Real name: Adam Douglas

Known Aliases: None

Status: Member of Team M.E.C.H.A. before Industrial Revolution caused it to break up; location unknown.

History: Adam Douglas was a typical high-schooler with some training from his father, Fairbanks, in survival and combat, until Dr.Zwarghoff took over the small town of Garrett Falls, where they lived. Using the skills he'd learned from his father's training, he, his brother Lincoln, and his girlfriend Sarah Conner were able to escape. While carrying out guerilla operations against Zwarghoff, the Douglases met up with Team M.E.C.H.A. After defeating Zwarghoff, they joined up.

Shortly before the Bob City MegaCrossover, Adam heard the news of Radian's escape and was somewhat disturbed by this. After the Mighty Muddy Power Grangers were defeated, Adam wandered around Bob City for a while, thinking about magic. When Team M.E.C.H.A. picked up Sarah, Ariella Conner, Robert, and Scholarman in Terrania, Adam's temper boiled over and he left, taking a Cyclone cycle with him. Shortly afterward, memories he'd previously blocked came back to him, of his mother being raped and murdered by a magic-user.

After an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Deckmaster of Teen Team, Adam joined forces with the rest of the Industrial Revolution. Shortly before the final battle, Mike tried to convince Adam to come back with him, they fought, and Adam ended up nearly killing him. During the battle, Adam was prevented from killing Wilhelm_ by Scholarman, and soon began to realize what he had done was wrong.

When the battle was over, Adam left, leaving his armor and weapons behind. After meeting and talking with Father Cleary, a Catholic priest, in a small Kentucky town, Adam continued west, passing through Missouri. On his way, he met Dog_ and Wolf_, the archetypal embodiments of canine and lupine. After Adam had returned to his father's ranch in Garrett Falls, Dog revealed to him that he had a strong affinity for shamanic forces within him, and that Wolf had been largely responsible for some of his actions during the Industrial Revolution.

On the eve of Princess Ariella's wedding, Superguy transported Adam Douglas to Terrania where he took a job as an ultralite pilot for Bunzai Pizza. During this time he chose Dog over Wolf to be his shamanic instructor (though he adamantly refused to become a shaman). During the pre-wedding reception, Adam foiled Flatphoot and the Serially Numbered Underlings' plans to steal the Terranian Crown Jewels and was reunited and reconciled with Sarah Conner.

Known powers: No specific powers per se except for knowledge. However, has evinced strong potential for shamanic magic. Survival and weapons training; hand-to-hand and mecha combat skills. Pilots a VR-041 Saber Cyclones. Carries an energy pistol or other advanced weapons, often more than one.

Adam was the heavy weapons specialist of Team M.E.C.H.A. during his membership, liking nothing better than the feel of a good gun in his hand. He was instructed in survival and combat by his father, Fairbanks Douglas, an ex-Green Beret.

Adam's leadership qualities put him next in line after Mike for command of Team M.E.C.H.A.; however, his attitude could use work. He uses a lot of slang. He distrusts magic, even now that he has learned he has potential for it. He's his own worst critic, and feels responsible for his behavior during the Industrial Revolution, even that part of it that wasn't entirely his own fault. Basically a good sort, though not the sort whom it is smart to get angry at one.

Description: DOB 6/7/75, 5'10", blond hair, blue eyes, 160 lbs. He typically wears green CVR-3 armor, of the same type as Lancer from Robotech, or standard civilian clothes (blue jeans, T-shirt).

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