Welcome to RACC Presents

by Mike Escutia

What you're reading on your computer screen (or holding in your hands if you're the type of person who likes to print things out before reading them) is the culmination of a month's work of proposals, discussions, planning, and writing, all backed by the enthusiastic support of the regulars on Rec.Arts.Comics.Creative.

A month ago, I proposed something that had never been conceived of before: A single anthology series with multiple short stories in each issue that would give new readers an idea of what the various imprints were about. Unlike previous anthologies which had been for only specific imprints, this series would open its doors to -all- imprints on RACC, thus allowing a great variety of stories to be written for it.

When I proposed it, I almost didn't think people would be interested, but my fears were quickly put to rest as I began to get feedback on the proposal... and it was overwhelmingly positive. Wasting no time, I continued to solicit feedback, using it to develop the guidelines that were (and still are) essential to the anthology's continued existence. The very title of this series, in fact, is the winner of a vote that I ran early on.

Now, a month later (to the date!), the first fruits of our labors are ripe for the picking, and you are there to do the picking.

Of course, the seven imprints involved in this issue are not the only ones on RACC. There are several perfectly good imprints on the group that aren't in this issue for one reason or another, but which I hope will appear over the next several issues. The collection of stories herein is just a sample.

Which is, of course, how it's supposed to be.

Welcome to RACC Presents. I hope you enjoy the stories, and we'll see you again next month.

-Mike Escutia

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