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Renegade Patroller Name: Renegade
Real Name: Jamie Kinnison
Identity: Secret
Terra Patrol member: Yes
Time as a Patroller: <1 month
Primary field of operations: Nuevo Angeles and San Francisco, California
Height: 6'2"
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: brown
Legal Status: American citizen wanted for questioning by the authorities
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Rebecca Anne Kinnison (daughter), Linda Ann McDonnough (wife, deceased), James Patrick McDonnough (father-in-law, deceased), Grace Lee McDonnough (mother-in-law, deceased)
Information: Five years ago, a young man with an infant daughter showed up in Smithston, Colorado. His papers gave his name as Jim Dawson, his daughter's as Becky. He settled into a quiet life, working in an auto repair shop and living far out in the country. He has many spare-time practices that seem odd until you know that he had a former-military mentor.
   That's all anyone knows about him at present.

First Appearance: Renegade #1
Most Recent Appearance:
Strange Bedfellows #6
Created by: Davey Jones

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