PRIME Personnel Record AA-0172
Technician IV
Expert X-O, R&D
Expert BP, R&D
Cochran, Jessica, civilian employee

GS-16, Comp. pkg. AA-5

SECURITY CLEARANCE--BB-16, Internal only, Security photo attached.
Description: 5'8", auburn hair, brown eyes, 117 lbs. Thin, muscular
build. No distinguishing marks.

Special information follows.
FYEO--AA-1, password required

Password>: ?????????

Password confirmed/PRIMEPac. Thank you Executive Winters.

Special information follows:

Jessie Cochran possesses a Patroller's Gauntlet with limited abilities, the result of misguided aspirations to become a Patroller without the hindrance of their Code of Behavior. She accidentally sacrificed her husband Darren in the process of using a piece of alien tech, provided by an Emissary, to reprogram his Gauntlet. Darren Cochran was a Patroller in Albuquerque, NM, where they both worked as technicians with Veertech, Ltd.

This new tech, referred to by the Emissary as a Seeder, acted as a virus might, wiping the memory of the Gauntlet clean. The Gauntlet, in turn, burns out the memory (and body) of the wearer, in this case Darren Cochran. The Seeder attached itself to his Gauntlet, and maintained its form with energy provided by the alien threat known only as The Enemy, while the Recharger disappeared.

The Seeder looks like a small green glowing orb with seven black tendrils which snake around the Gauntlet and come together just below the wrist. It allows outside sources to channel broadcast energy directly to the Gauntlet, but only in fixed measures of VERY limited duration. Darren's persona has been absorbed by the Gauntlet and was subverted by another power, the Emissary through which the Enemy worked this scheme.

In escaping from the Emissary, Jessie Cochran killed her old employer from Veertech (Wilcox, Lewis). Due to PRIME intervention on her behalf with the local authorities, all charges in this matter have been dropped, and the death has been written off as self defense. Should the need arise for discipline of Jessie Cochran, this matter can serve as a reminder of her status with the organization.

Jessie Cochran is currently serving in R&D, PRIME X-Os (see information on the new PALADIN armor, separate entry--CPS), and is also working on Operation: GANYMEDE as consultant and advisor. She is highly intelligent and skilled, and is an asset to the R&D team.

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