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The Machine Machine Machine
Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles
flawed Recharger flawed Recharger flawed Recharger

The search is pretty simple-minded. Multiple-word terms (Los Angeles, flawed Recharger) will be found; multi-word searches (Machine Maverick) will not (I'm sorry; I'm still learning javascript) except under the most unusual of circumstances. But I've tried to make sure that all of the major characters and most of the minor one, as well as major locations and events, are indexed, so a search for Kristing or Cosmic Defender or Sullivan Green should call you up a fairly representative sampling of issues of different zines in which those characters appeared (or played a major part, anyway). The search is case-sensitive at present (I'm working on it...), and you must know how to spell correctly to get the full benefit of this search page (everyone who skipped English class can pay for it now :). Enjoy!