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Out of the Fire
by Byron Molix

8: Enter Moridosi

   On the north side of town, a small figure quickly slipped into a brownstone off of the alleyway. The boy ran quietly and swiftly to the stairwell and descended into the basement of the building. The entire building was dark, like the streets outside and he had to find his way by feel, but he had been here so many times in the last week he almost had the building memorized. Step by step he descended into the gloomy shadows. The man was going to be pleased.
   "Mr. Moridosi, are you down here?" the boy asked tentatively. He waited for a second and almost started to go back up the stairs when a red glow grew across the room. The glow wasn't very bright and it only covered the triangle object that was in front of Moridosi, but it let the gang's lookout know Moridosi was indeed there. There was a shuffling sound and then the man stood and started forward. The red glowing triangle moved with his figure and hovered just in front of him. The glow struck his clothes and lit his way, but hid his face. The figure was wearing a long black coat and the red glow from his device only half lit the surface, but his pale white hands turned pink under the light.
   "Yes, boy. What do you have to say to me? Is it news?" Moridosi asked. His voice always freaked the kid out, but it was something he could live with. Moridosi had the kind of voice that grated on your ears no matter what volume he spoke at, and Moridosi always spoke with a soft, even tone. The boy put that out of his mind and started to relay his news about the two owners of the house who had arrived at the airport this morning and how his gang had taken care of them.
   "They won't be asking any questions about the house," the boy said grinning. The red glow from the pyramid lit his mouth and his teeth seemed wicked in the light.
   "Good. No witnesses?" Moridosi asked. The boy couldn't see his eyes, but knew they were burrowing into his own and watching his mouth with intense scrutiny.
   "Nah, we iced em in the back of the cab. They never knew they had been set up. Then we dropped the bodies on the tarmac and left," the boy answered. He started to get a bit scared. Maybe Mr. Moridosi wouldn't be so happy about how they had done what he wanted. Moridosi didn't say anything, just stood there in the darkness.
   "And what about the real target? I didn't go to the trouble of sending a bomb into the house early in the morning, to hear that he escaped," Moridosi inquired. At this, the boy choked a little.
   "Well you see it's like this...." he started. Moridosi reached out with the speed of a viper and grabbed the boy by the collar.
   "It's like what?" he hissed. The boy's mind raced and he didn't know if he'd live after he made his next statement.
   "They didn't f.f...find a body, sir. The P...police think we've got him hostage or something," he stammered quickly. Suddenly Moridosi dropped him back to the floor. The shock scared the boy so much he had to run. Back the way he came and straight out into the street. It was unnatural and irrational but all he felt was fear and had to get away. He knew it wouldn't make a difference if Moridosi wanted to kill him, he was there when Moridosi planted the explosives at the house. Back at the basement, Moridosi turned around and faced the walls in darkness.
   "You heard him didn't you, Emissary? What are we going to do now? This could change everything," Moridosi said.
   "Let me think about our next move. I will give you further instructions at a future time, Agent Moridosi," said a voice that was more distorted and dark than Moridosi's own. The figure who spoke those words walked forward and placed it's pure black hand on the floating pyramid. The pyramid flared into light and illuminated by the glow was Moridosi, a middle-aged white male with pale skin, fair hair and dark eyes, and the Emissary, a man who was completely black. The Emissary's skin was blacker than Moridosi's coat, and his hair, teeth, and eyes were just as dark. He wore a grey suit and his aura of power was almost tangible in the little darkened room. It was obvious that Moridosi looked up to and feared this man.
   "I should warn you that you are the first agent to use a captured Recharger. If a Patrol member should find this out, you will have to terminate them immediately, before they can think about the circumstances. You know that the Gauntlet will carry their thoughts back to their Recharger and your cover will be blown. Do not fail us Moridosi and you shall continue to have your modicum of power until this planet is ready. Then we will give you your true reward," the Emissary said. It grinned, but in the darkness and red light it looked more like a wolf baring its teeth to its future prey.
   "Thank you for your information, Emissary. With the Recharger, I can cut them to ribbons before they can even see me. My power is tenfold what theirs is, and I know where to strike. I was an assassin before I joined your organization," Moridosi said.
   "Very good, Moridosi. Since Guardian escaped our trap, you may well have to prove your proficiency," the Emissary replied. Moridosi parted his lips, seemingly into a grin.
   "It would be my pleasure," he answered.

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Copyright 1995, 1997 by Byron Molix