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The Patrol Byron Molix

website: Infinity Press

A time in the distant past, nearly six years ago, a young college student, at that time an English major, was introduced to the forum alt.comics.lnh. Even he does not remember how he happened upon this goldmine of creativity, whether through random searches of newsgroups, introduction by Dave Van Domelen, or a combination of factors. He downloads Constellation (all of it) and begins a mighty crusade to read every thing that D VanDom has written up to that point. While searching through the then LNH archives he happens upon a directory marked Patrol, and a set of comics inside, including the Machine.
   This college student gets the urge to create his own stories and tell his own tales and Infinity Press is born. He tells stories about magicians and neophyte super-powered crusaders in a far future. Then about a year later, he goes home for summer break and gets a full-time job. As luck would have it, this college student spent eighty percent of his free time writing a strange addition to the Patrol universe called Guardian: Out of the Fire, which is originally posted in one large piece to a brand new newsgroup called rec.arts.comics.creative.
   Furthermore, as even more fate threads were woven, an entire group of new people had begun posting Patrol stories. Connection was inevitable and these authors got together, and it was as if the Justice League was forming for the first time. Except this league got clobbered by the Anti-Monitor right off the bat during their attempts to participate in a huge crossover. The authors went their separate ways, the college student himself took a long hiatus from RACC, and that leads up to... ah but that is another tale for another time.

Strange Bedfellows


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