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The Patrol Davey Jones


About this author:
   I got involved in racc by browsing for the first time among my news server's newsgroups for creativity-oriented locations. LNH scared me off, and several of the others (Omega, Starfall, ESP) seemed dead or dying. The Patrol was no livelier, but it had shown some recent life, and the subject matter (semi-Lensmen, semi-Green Lanter Corps) intrigued me.
   My first read-through of all the Patrol material did nothing but confuse me; there was no index, and no way to tell what order the material should be read in. So I sat down and did the best I could with the dates off of the archived posts, and tried a second read-through. This time went a little better, but I still had questions.
   So I posted a general plea on racc looking for any Patrol authors past or present. Stewart Brewer answered, and started answering my questions (including sending me a lot of material he and Matt Rossi had come up with behind the scenes). Once I had some basic idea of what was going on, it all clicked, and I decided that I wanted to try my hand at it.
   Because I remembered the problems I'd had getting a handle on the Patrol Universe, I set out to put the information into some kind of order, and put it out where everyone could see it--which then and now seems to indicate a Website. Hence the Patrol Site.
   And it didn't take too much effort to come up with a character and situations for my own Patrol offerings, until I noticed that the first multi-author offering, Strange Bedfellows, had not only never been finished, but had stopped at a particularly awkward spot. It was not only that the authors hadn't finished it; they didn't seem to have any idea how to finish it. (Later multi-author plotting sessions confirmed this...) The idea flashed through my head at the time (and several times since then...) that I could simply have ignored the abortive attempt, or concluded it 'off-screen,' but that didn't seem fair to the other authors who had contributed to it. So I contacted everyone I could seeking help with finishing the thing.
   Stewart, Mike, Matt and Byron all contributed everything from plotlines to actual stories and tie-ins, although most of them got busy around the time the actual writing began :) But once I had nailed down the exact progression of the Strange Bedfellows miniseries, I was able to fit my own work into place, and get started.
   Of course, I'll have to live to be a hundred or so to finish all the ideas that have occurred to me since that time...

Terra Patrol
Strange Bedfellows
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