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The Patrol David Van Domelen

website: DVandom's World

In the author's own words:
   "Lessee...I first got online in a serious way when I got to Ohio State for physics grad school in 1992, although I did some add-on writing in undergrad on a local system (which is where I first "met" Hans Kartoffelkopf). I quickly got interested in the LNH when it was on RAC and RAC.misc, before alt.comics.lnh was created.
   "When the Patrol Universe was first introduced, I was about ready to start working on a serious universe. I didn't really have any huge long range plans, but I knew I didn't want Evil Government Agencies Out To Kill The Heroes. When other writers got involved, such agencies started to crop up. And since I had no more control over the universe than they did, I left. In response, I started ASH, so I could have a serious universe I did control. I left a few danglers in Patrol, but nothing that required going back to it.
   "Right now I'm mainly working on ASH, because it's in an "on" mode, but I have the beginnings of the next issues of Crazy Guy, Dvandom Force and Spear-Carriers written. I've also done some short Transformers stories recently, under Tales of the Intermezzo. Basically, all of my writing can be found at my home page."

The Machine
(including Constellation)
The Enemy
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