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"You can tell any story you want on the Net so long as you change the names to protect the guilty. :)"
--Michael Montoure, Patrol: Beginnings

rec.arts.comics.creative (although it was running under rec.arts.comics and rec.arts.comics.misc and the still-lively alt.comics.lnh at the time) is a home for comic and adventure fiction enthusiasts who want to try their hand at doing their own thing, not just doing fanfic about the latest and greatest comic characters from the Big Name Companies. Several people wanted to write superhero stories with greater depth and realism than they could find in 'real' comics, so they banded together and invented the OMEGAuniverse. Others have come up since then as well--Steelwolf, Justice Press, Infinity Press--and they continue to thrive. So when Michael Montoure wanted to write Green Lantern stories and couldn't, per se, he invented his own variation on that classic theme (which itself was genially swiped from the classic LENSMAN sf series by E.E. 'Doc' Smith, so our consciences are clear), the PATROL universe. The rest, as they say, is history.

The first contributor to the Patrol Legend was Doug Atkinson, who gave us the Sculptress, a Patroller who managed to use her Gauntlet to further the cause and course of Civilization in a way other than fighting criminals (as well as first setting forth such tidbits as Patrollers flight capability, the Rechargers' limiting of multitasking, and the Gauntlet's mental link to the users).

The next contributor to this universe was David Van Domelen, who not only immediately set about exploring the Patrol Universe in the pages of his own series, The Machine (as well as in one of his Legion of Net.Heroes zines, Constellation), but went about expanding it as well, with the introduction and delineation of The Enemy Of Civilization (and a humorous look at a Patrol-universe version of the classic Galaxy Rangers!).

Michael Mendoza then offered us Aventine, the Rose-Maiden, a young woman who found a purpose in an aimless life as a Patroller.

Matthew Rossigave us Cruxadier, with an impressively large cast of characters, and explored the slow decline in sanity of a man who had taken up a Recharger in good faith, only to find that the Recharger itself lacked a certain grasp of reality...

Then's probably the most read of the authors contributing to this universe, Stewart Brower, who gave us two series, Jezebel (about the wife of a Patroller who wanted to give Earth the technology of the Rechargers, with disastrous results), and Paladin (about a man who had once hunted Patrollers, but who had taken up the Gauntlet himself, and now found himself at odds with his former friends and allies).

Then came Byron Molix, who gave us Guardian, a young Patroller who was offered an alternative to the route to civilization preferred by the Rechargers.

Most recent is Davey Jones, currently managing the Patrol Universe and kicking in two series: Renegade, about a rogue forced to assume the Gauntlet, and Terra Patrol, tales of the Patrollers of Earth.

The Earth of the Patrol is not a static one. As soon as the Rechargers began to select humans to bear the Gauntlets, humans began studying the Rechargers. America and much of Europe now enjoys limited broadcast power, and there are signs that many other parts of the world will be enjoying it soon. We have had contact with no less than four different alien races to boot (and not always friendly relations, either!). We have seen Los Angeles not just devastated by an earthquake but completely destroyed (and the effect it has had on many of the Patrollers' lives). We have seen Boston razed by a madman possessed of almost infinite power.

And it's nowhere near the end of the Patrol saga!

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