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The Omega Universe Voyeur
by Jeff McCoskey

Jeff McCoskey does something you wouldn't expect in Voyeur. He takes a normal man in a world full of superhuman beings, and he makes him fascinating. Bryan Symsek is not your typical funnybook hero. He doesn't use a gun, but a camera. He lost his first in costumed fist-fight. He generally gets by on moxie. And he lost his job due to downsizing.

Well worth reading.

#1 And—Action!
#2 A Day at the Office
#3 Don't Take Your Work Home
#4 A Question of Motives
#5 TriagePart 1
#6 TriagePart 2
#7 TriagePart 3
#8 Dona Nobis Pacem Movement I
#9 Dona Nobis Pacem Movement III
#10 Dona Nobis PacemMovement VI
#11 Summer SweepsPart 1
#12 Summer SweepsPart 2
#13 This is a Test
#14 She Saw, Saw She

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