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CLOSING CREDITS: All characters are Copyright 1997 their respective authors.

Lakshmi Natarajan, Anne Benson, Harvey Hauptmann, Cornelius Owen, Dan Carter, Sestus, Hyper, Hannibal, the Vitalongae, and Blackfriars: created by Marc Singer.

Danny, Eric, and Mirry Anderson, Conflagration, Agony, Jimmy DeLeon, Wolf DuFresne, Energi, Tom Morgan, Vari, Akasha, Leviathan, Stormkiller, the Accursed and the Harrakin: created by Matt Rossi.

Allen Covenant, Isaac Warner, Rene Johnson, and the Mass Mind: created by Chad Imbrogno.

Wes Hickman, Counterpart, Phase, Armor, Blockade, Reflex, Flux, Sonic, the Seekers, and Fusion: created by Matt Dempster.

Jean-Luc Steele and the Cadre: created by Kay Green.

The Eye of Justice: created by Jeff J. McCoskey.

All other characters created by Marc Singer or Matt Rossi.

Well, it's finally done. We'd like to thank all of our readers, both on and off RACC, for bearing with this monstrosity of a story. We'd also like to thank all of our fellow Omega writers -- for creating fantastic characters and then giving us an admirable free rein with them, yes, and for offering fantastic ideas and feedback since the earliest planning stages of this story, sure, but mostly for collectively creating a story universe so rich that it could generate this kind of tale. It's been a pleasure writing it thanks to those guys; hopefully it was a pleasure reading it too.

And there are plenty of great post-Invasions Omega stories on the way, so... keep watching the skies!

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