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Dramatis Personae

ANDERSON, DANIEL: One of the world's premier Telepaths, Danny Anderson was the founder of and leader of 'The Colony' and remains one of the preminent paramilitary minds with Omega powers. His telepathic gifts have been inherited by his daughter Joanie. Daniel attempts to lead a normal life with his wife Mirry, but the siren call of crisis always lures him into action. He opposed Dynamax's horrible Project: PULSE experiments (PULSE 1-17) and was the first person on site in Vlaztinskoya during the Kulak's Incident (PULSE 11-13, TEMPEST 6) He thinks in terms of tactics and conflict, and is paranoid to the point of perpetual readiness.

ANDERSON, ERIC "TEMPEST'/KYRIE ALEXANDER SHERIDAN/H'RIK KY'RIAN HARRAKIN: One of the most powerful Omegas ever born, Eric has demonstrated the ability to traverse space and time nearly-instantly, read minds across the planet, and holds the dubious honor of being the man who destroyed Mount Everest. He is the adopted brother of Danny Anderson, and spent many years living in the Colony with his brother. Only after 'Triggering' did he learn of his Harrakin heritage and his true power. He has rough Lokar shockbeasts half-way across the Galaxy (Tempest 1-4) and ancient Chinese deities right here on Earth (Tempest 21-23) yet he seems helpless to prevent the coming of his own family...

ANDERSON, MIRRY: Danny's wife, a strong telepath with empathic healing abilities and a General Practicioner with several years experience in Combat Medicine (As well as a year residency in a Chicago ER) Mirry is Joanie's mother and one of the founders of the Colony. Unlike her husband, Mirry attempts to think the best about people, but she's quite capable of taking hostile action if called for. She wouldn't mind living a life outside of Omega menaces, but she doubts that will happen. She and Danny together are maintaining Joanie's shields.

BATTERY/REWIRE: Twins Jacob and Heather Chevalier. They are child prodigies, both of who have many advanced degrees in various sciences. Jacob is an Omega forced to rely on an advanced suit of armor of his and Heather's design to stabilize his inherent Electrokinetic powers (Well, he didn't *have* to build it as Armor.) while Heather is the smarter of the two and has no obvious Omega powers. She may not be an Omega at all. They are both fifteen, and wear armor that allows them to fight on an enhanced level.

BENSON, ANNE: Harvey's granddaughter, Anne has his impressive physical powers plus telepathy and telekinesis. After her fugitive career ended, she founded Omega House (# 17), a home for abandoned Omega children. It's also home to the Paint Crew, a band of relatively well-meaning delinquents with a knack for getting into trouble (# 23,24). Anne is currently dating Thomas Morgan, the astral-projecting Seeker codenamed Avatar, but she has close ties to many Omegas, ranging from her friendships with Tempest and the Colony to her exasperated alliances with Jean-Luc Steele ("The Fix Saga," #s 27-32). Anne has a naive but earnest morality and a refusal to kill which may be her greatest power -- or, in a world of violence, her greatest weakness.

COVENANT, ALLEN: Noted parapsychologist and scholar of the arcane, Allen Covenant has spent much of his recent history tracing the connections between magic and psychic phenomina. After losing an arm in Italy ("A Step Too Far", #'s 10-14) and being paralyzed while investigating an anti-Omega cult in Mt.Zion, Georgia ("Dona Nobis Pacem", starting in Voyeur #8) Allen managed to get himself healed after a group of his freinds embarked on a dream quest. ("Question of Faith", #'s 26-30.)

DELEON, JAMES: An Omega with the strange intuitive power of invention, Jimmy DeLeon is Danny Anderson's best friend, as well as the one man who never treated Eric any differently before or after he gained his powers. Unhappy that his Omega does all the work, Jimmy wishes he could understand the science behind the amazing inventions he designs. His power has made the difference in Rig Veda (Practically every Omega title around #7 or so) and he is the designer of the Transmat, using stolen' Wrexxakt tech.

DUFRENSE, JEN/AGONY: She's a second generation Omega, although she didn't know that until a year ago (Her father is Wolf DuFresne, formerly of Defcon One, who can animate the inanimate) Jen possesses superhuman strength, speed and resistance to injury, rapid healing, and limited Telepathy that was once only capable of projecting pain messages. She is a former Colonist.

HANNIBAL AND JACK RUSSELL: These two immortals -- one a modern-day cop, the other an ancient sage -- are steadfast allies of Anne and Harvey. But their organization, the brotherhood of immortals called the Vitalongae, often falls under the sway of Antigone, leaving Hannibal and Jack to protect their world and their friends on their own. (See the Epitaphs miniseries, among other places.)

JOHNSON, RENE: "Neice" of Allen Covenant who was triggered while performing a Tarot card reading. (Covenant #10) Her powers, being symbolically linked to the whole of human conciousness, allowed her to become the avatar of the Mass Mind, a naturally occuring web of psychic energy that has gained consiousness over the millenia. (Full Deck #1-3) After insisting that she kill all the Harrakin, Rene broke off from the Mass Mind and it went in search of a new avatar (Full Deck #8). She and Eric Anderson have a "thing."

HAUPTMANN, HARVEY "OVERMAN": Born with Omega strength, speed, and invulnerability, Harvey was the secret inspiration for the comic-book hero "Overman." But when he volunteered for the army in World War II, he was jailed out of fear of his powers. Eisenhower eventually released him to fight in the European theatre, where he escaped and returned to America under an assumed name. He lived a lie for nearly 50 years, until his granddaughter Anne Benson's Omega powers were discovered, and SIRECOM began chasing both of them (Legacy 1-3). Anne and Harvey eventually won their freedom, toppled SIRECOM's corrupt director Cornelius Owen, and went public as national Omega celebrities ("Gimme Shelter," #s 8-11). As one of the most prominent and popular Omegas, Harvey often protects the public in times of crisis; all he really wants is to be one of the good guys.

MUTSAFA, THOMAS-PETER: Like Jen DuFresne and James DeLeon, Thomas-Peter is one of the remaining Colonists and the one who acts as a kind of glue to hold the family together. He has Pyrokinetic abilities which drove him from his native Kenya, and his near-death at the hands of Dynamax prevented him from becoming an architect, as he had wished. Thomas-Peter often acts as either fire-support or leader of a team action, and his strong sense of self and will have often allowed him to pull victory out of a disasterous situation. He likes to draw little sketches of the other Omegas he meets.

THE ODDS: The Omega Defence Division, Britain's super-team. Members: illusionist Selkie, psionic brain-scrambler Ravebuster, spirit-conjuring sorceror Boleskine, energy thrower Fusion, and the mysterious vigilante Blackfriars. First and *only* pre-INVASIONS appearance is a cameo in Legacy Annual #1!

OWEN, CORNELIUS: The government official who sentenced Harvey to prison, Owen's paranoid fear of Omegas later led him to found SIRECOM (Special Intelligence Resources Command), America's Omega watchdog agency. After he was toppled from power there, he created the Stormkiller agency for the United Nations. Ostensibly existing to protect the world from Tempest or the Harrakin, Stormkiller really only serves Owen's agenda. He is currently partners with the immortal Antigone, because Antigone owns the company that makes Owen's life-extension treatments (# 28). Owen constantly threatens the world with his vast resources, and henchmen like the cyborg Nicola Dare -- but most of all with his tremendous intellect and his even greater hatred.

STEELE, JEAN-LUC: Steele was once a top SIRECOM agent and leader of their 1980 Omega team, Defcon One (Legacy #29). Steele quit when he learned of Owen's secret agenda, and has spent the rest of his life fighting Owen and fascist authority in general. He has currently assembled the Cadre, a team of radical Omegas bent on changing the social order by any means necessary (Cadre #1-3). The other members are Rebecca, Jove, Warstryke, Vesper, and the teleporter Rift. Steele has an antagonistic relationship with the Seekers, and many tense alliances with Anne Benson, but in the end he and the other Omegas usually cooperate against their common foes ("The Fix Saga").

SYMSEK, BRIAN: A feeb from Calhoun GA, a former Dynamax employee, laid off from Fort Deliverance (the OMEGA prison), and oh yeah, is the EYE OF JUSTICE. With advanced video equipment, recorded many important and personal crimes from Dynamax murders to religious militants. Gained a reputation as a mysterious Atlanta-based video vigilante. Presumed by many to be an Omega. This mystique was fanned in part by the cynical manipulations of a tabloid journalist who made the EYE a household name to further his own interests. Brian's older brother is Chip, and childhood friend is Greg Austin, who still works for the Fort. [regular series _Voyeur_]

WARNER, ISAAC: Ex-pro wrestling champion known as Stingray and once one of Allen students in college. His physiology has been changed after being the recipient of many binding rituals. Now any psychic energy being directed towards him (say, from an arena of screaming fans), is used to enhance his physical attributes. Also, while in Italy with Allen Covenant, he witnessed the Black Mass and went insane. ("A Step Too Far") Since that day he has suffered apocalyptic visions even though cured. ("A Question of Faith")

WARSKOVIAC, BOB "Threll": Another ex-student of Allen's. He was rescued from Dynamax while having a prototype "psi-borg" unit installed on him, and over the years has become more and more mechanical as his human components break down. He is currently employed by Jimmy Deleon at Overtech.


ACCURSED: The KK'Narath'Tak, a sect of noble Harrakin who seek the overthrow of the Hallatiris clan and the restructuring of Harrakin society...with themselves on top.

ARKTISH HALLATIRIS: Youngest son of Dy'Tariex Hallatiris, Arktish is the Prelate of the War Priests, a militant brotherhood of Harrakin who believe that in war one is closer to the divinity of the H'R'Djagtal, the Harrakin term for Messiah. Arktish is crafty, calculating but ultimately honorable, and he finds humans deceitful and treacherous. His pride will lead him into costly errors in judgement.

HALLATIRIS OBRAN: Father of Tatris, Ky'Rian and Arktish, the Dy'Tariex (Emperor) of the Harrakin was once a blunt, vicious conquerer of worlds, but his advanced age and growing weakness, as well as a desire to learn if his unknown grandson is capable of taking his place, has lead him to view Earth with different eyes than any of the other systems under his control.

KY'RIAN HALLATIRIS: Alone among his people in his indecisiveness, Ky'Rian is the heir presumptive to the Harrakin Throne, the father of Eric 'Tempest' Anderson, the re-discoverer of Earth...and his presence in the events to come will be felt mostly in the absence. Ky'Rian led the small N'Tirstalath (Spearthrust, a Harrakin term for reconnisance) Fleet that was stopped by Tempest and Leviathan in the orbit of the planet Jupiter, due to Ky'Rian's loss in personal combat with his son. (Tempest 17-20)

KKYREE ARKTISH'KA: Daughter of Arkish, Kkyree serves her uncle Ky'Rian as his personal aide, and many suspect that she is really the motive force behind his actions. Kkyree was present during the conflict on Jupiter's moon Ganymede, and of late she has served her uncle as the entire fleet enters Earth's space.

MIN'HAK JARRATH'KA: The most fearsome warrior in the entire KK'Narath'Tak.

TATRIS HALLATIRIS: The rebellious son of Hallatiris, Tatris fled Harra Prime after an assasination attempt on his father killed his mother instead. Deluding a group of pacifistic Harrakin into believing he shared their ideals, he fled from system to system, seeking asylum from his father's awesome military. He eventually stumbled upon his nephew Eric in a distant star-system (Tempest 1-4) and followed him back to Earth along with all his followers (Tempest 10), who settled in the Antarctic. Eventually Tatris realized that his followers were beginning to worship his nephew as the H'R'Djagtal, or Messiah, and he decided to ally with Cornelius Owen's Stormkiller organization to eliminate him. (Tempest 15) He was imprisoned for this, but escaped and began to plot anew as the Harrakin ships arrived.

SHARRA TATRIS'KA: The daughter of Tatris, she was Eric Anderson's first (ahem) and bonded emotionally with her half-breed cousin, finding a nobility and charm in him that many Harrakin lacked. Upon her father's imprisonment (Tempest 15) she became Dy'Tariex of the Harrakin Exile Community in Antarctica, and it was while in that position that she was enthralled by the Fix and sent to attack Washington DC. (Legacy 27-32) After the events of this crisis, she resumed her position...only to see the deaths of all but a handful of the exiles at the hands of the M'narth nor Verth (God Killer) when it destroyed the Antarctic Settlement (Tempest 17). She returned to Harra Prime aboard the fleet Eric stopped in Jupiter orbit. She remains one of Eric's closest supporters and friends.

PRISCUS: The Norrek of the fleet, a distant cousin to Hallatiris who serves as steward, and an ultimate rat bastard with delusions of granduer and an ego bigger than the Harrakin Fleet. He is Sestus' brother.

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