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Most crossovers don't have 'em. Take a gander at, say, "Millennium" or "Genesis" or "Wildstorm Rising" or "Acts of Vengenace." They don't have consequences. THey don't have a real meaning. They were just an excuse to throw everyone together and have some big fights.

Not this crossover. No, when Omega does a crossover, you can be assured of two things: (1) the consequences will be long-felt and long-reaching, and (2) many people will die in horrible, horrible ways.

So why should you read this TEB? Because it'll shape the Omega universe for years to come. Because it's some of Singer and Rossi's best work. (Hey, that sounds like a cop show--Singer and Rossi! They're cops!) Because it's kinda like _Independence Day_, except we've got Randy Quaid tied down and we're probing that sucker with a spiked dildo. Because you get to see Dan Rather die horribly. Because it rocks.

Glad I could clear this up.

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