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Seekers by
Seekers was the name of a project begun by the SIRECOM agency in the early 70's. The official aim of the project was to create a team of Omegas capable of neutralizing, capturing and training rogue or emergant psis. To this end, SIRECOM recruited Omegas from all over the world, although the grand majority of them hail from the U.S. Currently, project Seekers has about 150 Omegas in various stages of training. Approximately 14 of those are ready for external combat and capture missions.
#1 The Seekers
#2 Seekers 2
#3 Choices
#4 Seekers 4
#5 Pulsing
#6 Seekers 6
#7 Metro I
#8 Metro II
#9 Stormkiller
#10 Gestalt I
#11 Gestalt II
#12 Webs
#13 Knights
#14 Marathon

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