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The Omega Universe Psitations
by the Omega Authors

The are the miscellaneous stories of the Omega Universe—those that do not fit into a given series or a given issue. They have appeared in many different place.
Acceptable Losses · Jeff McCoskey
RACC Presents #1
Calhoun · Matt 'Badger' Rossi
RACC Presents #5
Drainpipes · Stewart Brower
Psitations #1
Drainpipes: Phonics of Doom · Stewart Brower
Psitations #2
Fast Forward · Marc Singer An Elsewhirl
RACC Presents #4
The Hidden Garden · Chad Imbrogno
Psitations #2
LNH versus Omega! · Peter "Tick" Milan
LNH versus Omega #1
("and thank God," says Tick, "the only")
Rama With The Axe · Marc Singer
Psitations #1
Revenge Tactics · Craig Rettig
Psitations #2
Sticks and Stones... · Craig Rettig
RACC Presents #1
Whiteout · Matt Rossi
Whiteout Special

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