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Initial Primer to spoken Harrakiel by Dr. Eoghan Mitchell
(working from recordings and notes from interviews performed by Dr.Maliki Limiria)

Word Part of Speech Definition
Allanal V To Love
Arvin N Ice
Avikak N Pride
Balagn V To Give
Baragn V To Live
Dakk Pr He, she or it
de P Of or With - Ex. Tislath de Harrakiel
D'Agn N The Silver Killers - Myth. Term for Wrexxakt Servitors
din'Jal'Hra N Harrakin Karate - Lit. "Dancing with War"
Dy'Kithanal N The Great Link - The massed power of all 200 billion Harrakin Minds, available to the Dy'Tariex
Dy'Tariex N Emperor - Lit. "Head of Power"
Dy'Tariexen'Ka Harrak N The Harrakin Empire - Lit. "From the Head of Harrak's Power"
Dy'Tislath N Family Head
Dy N Head - Lit. "Mind"
Ekk Pr I, Me, Mine
Harra N The First Dy'Tariex, sometimes called Harrak
Harrakiel N The Harrakin Race - Named for Harra/Harrak
Harrakilli N Omegas - Lit "Little Harrakin" - A corruption of Harrakiel Lliketh
Harrakin/Harrakar N The Royal Caste (One a phonetic rendering, one more translated - From Children of Harra)
Hra N War
H'R'Djagt N Immense sandstorms - Lit. "Windripper"
H'R'Djagtal N Stormlord, Stormchild - It means Messiah, more or less
Iarranal V To Sing
Iaichex N Singers - Usually means Imperial Choir
Ka P From - Ex: "Sharra Tatris'Ka Harrakin"
Karanal V Break, Smash, To Shatter
Kithinal V To Link Minds, Telepathy
K'Krianar N Hammer, Telekinesis - Lit. "Shattering Weapon"
K'Krikat N Weaponsmith - Lit. "Hammermaker"
KK'Narath'Tak N The Accursed - Lit. "Those of bastard blood"
K'Ral'Harra N Harra Prime -Another name for Mar'has'varak
K'Thok N The Dead
Lokar N Outcasts, named after Lokar Sheel'Ka
Mar'has'varak N The Birthplace of the Dy'Tariexen'Ka Harrak, Throneworld
M'manaxadra N A kind of Harrakin sonnet
Minninnas N Death Song
Min'Hak N Obedient Harrakin
Min'Kak N Obedient Daughter
Mnarth Nor Verth N The God Killer - Lit. "Void Beast"
Mogrivar N They who eat/consume
Mogriral V To Eat
Monikat V To Create, Make, Invent
Moniath N Artificer
Mo Vrath V Attack! (Imperative Case)
Naral V Thrust, Stab - Lit. "To make dead"
N'Allatath Har'Kanadran N Harrakin Armor - Lit. "Living Metal Brother Warskins"
Narathi N Bastards - Lit. "Dead of Line"
Nar'Tha'Harrakin N Lower Caste Harrakin -Lit."Almost Bastards"
Nialamqar V Age of Adulthood - Lit. "To Search For"
Niniak N Songkeepers, Marines - Lit. "Those who move and fight"
Norrek N Steward or Vizier - Lit. "The Hive-Thinker"
N'Tirstalath N Reconnisance - Lit. "Thrust of the Spearhead"
P'ek'Thak N Sleep
Raatath N The Green Fire
Sh'uggurth N Slave - Lit. "Those who serve" Note: It is considered an insult
S'Va N Robot
T'Tarkiel N Prefect, Proconsul - Lit. "Child of Power"
T'Tazlak N A ranged weapon - Lit. "Blood From Afar"
Tak N Blood
Takkiel'Hra N War Priests - Lit. "Blood of War"
Tari N Power
Tisaridron N Honor Combat - Literally "Heritage Warfare"
Tislath N Clan or Family - Lit. "Shared Heritage"
Vrath N Annihilated, Total Devastation
Wrexxakt N The Hated Ones Who Must Be Killed At Any Cost
Wrex'Bali N Paradox -Lit. "Gift of the Wrexxakt"
Yinyakl N A drug made from radioactive yeasts with intoxicating effects
V = Verb P= Preposition N= Noun Pr=Pronoun

Conjugation of Verbs

Many of the subtleties of Harrakin speech are carried by the telepathic elements of the language, which I can't set down here. In order to know what the person in question meant, it is neccesary to be in telepathic contact with them, However, there are some simple elements that can be set down here. Harrakin verbs come in five conjugations, which are listed here in their Infinitive forms, with an example per form.

Verb Definition Conjugation
Karanal To Shatter -nal conjugation
Nialamqar To Search For -qar conjugation
Monikat To Create -kat conjugation
Naral To Make Dead -ral conjugation
Baragn To Live -agn conjugation

Harrakin Verbs use prefixes and suffixes to indicate the person and tense of a verb, and have both the active and passive voice in one. A verb form can be used to be either. (Narat can mean either 'You make dead' or 'You are made dead': the passive is seen as disgraceful, and is ignored as much as possible.) Tenses are Present, Imperfect, Future and Perfect: Harrakin believe that once something is past, it is *past* and too much detail is unneccesary. While the Harrakin language has more moods than English (In addition to Imperative, Indicative and Subjunctive, there is also the Declarative, indicating a declaration of opinion not to be taken as a command and the Submissive, which replaces the Indicative when a lower-caste Harrakin addresses a higher one) only the Imperative is yet known. The following are the Indicative Active for the first conjugation.

Karanal *Present singular (Plural is made by adding an -ex suffix)
Karag (I shatter)
Karat (You shatter)
Karai (He/she shatters)
Kara'd (It shatters)
Karagex (We)
Karatex (You)
Karaiex (They)
No Neuter Plural

The Imperfect is made by adding an A' prefix, the Future is Bok' and the Perfect is Z'

A'Karagex - We were shattering
Bok'Karai - He/she will shatter
Z'Kara'd - It had shattered (object.)

Here are all of the conjugations in the Indicative Active (Allanal, To Love, replacing Karanal):

Present -
Allag Nialamq Monik Narak Barag
Allat Nialamr Monikr Narat Baragt
Allai Nialami Moniki Narai Baragi
Alla'd Nialam'd Monik'd Nara'd Barag'd
Allagex Nialamqex Monikex Narakex Baragex
Allatex Nialamrex Monikrex Naratex Baragtex
Allaiex Nialamiex Monikiex Naraiex Baragiex
Imperfect -
A'Allag A'Nialamq A'Monik A'Narak A'Barag
A'Allat A'Nialamr A'Monikr A'Narat A'Baragt
A'Allai A'Nialami A'Moniki A'Narai A'Baragi
A'Alla'd A'Nialam'd A'Monik'd A'Nara'd A'Barag'd
A'Allagex A'Nialamqex A'Monikex A'Narakex A'Baragex
A'Allatex A'Nialamrex A'Monikrex A'Naratex A'Baragtex
A'Allaiex A'Nialamiex A'Monikiex A'Naraiex A'Baragiex
Future -
Bok'Allag Bok'Nialamq Bok'Monik Bok'Narak Bok'Barag
Bok'Allat Bok'Nialamr Bok'Monikr Bok'Narat Bok'Baragt
Bok'Allai Bok'Nialami Bok'Moniki Bok'Narai Bok'Baragi
Bok'Alla'd Bok'Nialam'd Bok'Monik'd Bok'Nara'd Bok'Barag'd
Bok'Allagex Bok'Nialamqex Bok'Monikex Bok'Narakex Bok'Baragex
Bok'Allatex Bok'Nialamrex Bok'Monikrex Bok'Naratex Bok'Baragtex
Bok'Allaiex Bok'Nialamiex Bok'Monikiex Bok'Naraiex Bok'Baragiex
Perfect -
Z'Allag Z'Nialamq Z'Monik Z'Narak Z'Barag
Z'Allat Z'Nialamr Z'Monikr Z'Narat Z'Baragt
Z'Allai Z'Nialami Z'Moniki Z'Narai Z'Baragi
Z'Alla'd Z'Nialam'd Z'Monik'd Z'Nara'd Z'Barag'd
Z'Allagex Z'Nialamqex Z'Monikex Z'Narakex Z'Baragex
Z'Allatex Z'Nialamrex Z'Monikrex Z'Naratex Z'Baragtex
Z'Allaiex Z'Nialamiex Z'Monikiex Z'Naraiex Z'Baragiex

Much of spoken Harrakin consists of contracted words used either as suffixes or prefixes. Hence the use of the letter K and N as prefixed to the words K'Krianar or N'Tirstalath. Also, as a Telepathic race, many times the verbs are completely missing, as the action is suggested through a psi-link while the nouns are uttered out loud, or vice versa, to confuse eavesdroppers.

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